All You Need To Know About Microgaming Live Dealer

Live dealer games are played at regular online casinos, yet players can see real dealers at their tables, as they do their job, so they combine the best parts of both worlds. The typical live dealer game will make use of multiple cameras to show the player what’s going on at the table, where a human will operate the cards, the roulette wheel or whatever else might be used for the current game. The player is still in his own home, enjoying the game from his computer, without having to leave the house yet still benefiting from the experience of a real casino game.

Microgaming wasn’t he first one to enter this market, but they’ve been around for a long time now, their initial live dealer title being released in 2006, so over a decade ago. Their first live dealer game was Bacccarat, while now they also have blackjack and roulette among their live titles. They took their time evolving to their current stage, and for a long time they were not an obvious first choice, but things have changed and these days are one of the top companies in the live dealer market.

Baccarat Live Dealer

The first live dealer game they released, Baccarat, comes in multiple versions now. The standard option has a single big table, the kind you would get from a regular casino. There are also options with multiple tables, where you see them all on your screen at the same time. The dealer is shown next to the table in each case, visible via the video feed. Some tables are larger, with multiple playing positions, while others will show only one position for bets, giving you the impression that you’re alone with the dealer, even though multiple players can use the table at the same time.

Roulette Live Dealer

The Roulette live dealer game is hugely popular in this category, and obviously New Microgaming Casinos added it pretty quickly to their collection. You will get the European Roulette game from Microgaming, which is the better one to have, with a single zero present on the table. The player’s own chips are colored differently than those of the other players, so you always know which wager is yours, while still being able to see what others are doing at the table.

Blackjack Live Dealer

Blackjack is another live dealer title that Microgaming offers. There are 7 seats at each Blackjack table, but even if you can’t get a direct seat, you get the option to place a bet behind another player, so you still get some action.

Casino Hold’em Live Dealer

Casino Hold’em is the latest game that they’ve started offering, though it’s a type of poker game where the dealer is your adversary, not regular players. The rules are pretty similar to those from a regular Hold’em game though and you can easily find them on http://onlinecasinonow.at/.

Playboy Live Dealer

In addition to the regular live dealer games, Microgaming has also partnered up with Playboy, to create a Live Dealer experience which mimics the look of a Playboy Club. There are gorgeous ladies dressed in the traditional Playboy bunny outfits, and they’re the dealers that you’re playing against. Obviously, it’s one of the more popular offerings in this category.