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I was working on three different articles for a certain period of time, but my professor kept saying that those articles were not that good as he needed. I tried to understand what is wrong. I have rewritten those articles for two times at all and was a bit upset. I didn’t have additional time to improve those papers. I had many things to do for my music academy graduation. I knew only about the Custom Writing as a good website, because all my friends were using it before for research and editing services. So I decided to ask for a help over here.

How it really was

It took just thirty seconds to register here and make my order. I discussed my request with a customer service previously. The service is really useful. I haven’t noticed any bad things on the website. I loved that they have such a polite and professional customer service. While I was placing my order, I noticed that they do editing for lots of papers that I need to do either. Just like an academic research for the next year and some technical writing for my brother. I am pretty sure that I will use this site next time, when I will face new problems. Placing an order is easy for any person. You can follow the tips to fill the fields correctly. The service meets any demands and surprises with its simplicity and convenience.

It was fast

I was not ready for the work to be done that fast. I just talked to a writer, who is a kind guy from UK. I thought it will take at least a day to review my paper. I just needed my papers to be edited and style improved. The writer asked me to check the work out just in the next morning. I was shocked in a good way. The speed, the manner of writing, a style, It all was on the high level. I’m sure that this writer had much more work to do except mine papers. But he not just handled the work, he made perfect. The professor said that I finally got what he needs and I was happy in fine. I didn’t even think that it will be that easy. I had to do that from the very beginning.

At last I want to say

After that experience with CustomWriting.com I used it 2 more times on the previous week. The writers perfectly did their work. I now I know who I will ask if I will need any help with papers.


  • The site’s interface is not bothering. It’s just beautiful and simple. Just how it got to be.
  • Several ways to pay for work.
  • A variety of writers and ability to choose the one that will work on your papers.

The site is reliable. What more to say?

A customer service work is perfect. I have talked to the two different persons for those three times I used their help. And they answered my questions without any problems.

I will recommend СustomWriting.com to all my friends after having a great experience.